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Anyone fancy a Swingers party? - It doesn't matter where about's you live either north Wales or south Wales finding local welsh swingers parties takes no effort and whether your new to the Wales swinging scene or hardened players you'll soon be checking out profiles and postings from Welsh couples that are holding private parties ...

For many couples that reason they join a swingers website is to local group and party details and when you live in a region where the clubs scene is pretty poor ( like Wales) often the private party scene is the only way you can mix within a group

A lot of people that have never attended a swinger party before do have some very odd misconceptions about the party scene and what goes on

Let me first say that swingers parties are not about everyone stripping of and having sex with anyone they bump into, in fact some of the private parties I've attended if it wasn't for some of the females were walking around with sexy lingerie on you would know it was a swingers party.

In most cases the "action" go's on in other rooms and it was really down to the couples if they wanted to join in with the swapping our just enjoy the more social side to things

But saying that not all parties are the same and its down to the hosts to tell people how the party will go and what they expect, so you can read this within the details of the party

Recent photos from Wales Couples:

But......... "Where do you find out about swingers parties in Wales"

Easy members can post party details in the following places that are all FREE to access and FREE members can read and comment directly to the hosts

  • Forum - The swingers forum offers a great place to post details and get direct feed back from members and arrange times / dates when members can attend
  • Calendar - If you have a set date / venue you can post details so that members can read up coming party events. The calendar is also displayed on the home page of the site so members will always be able to see details of parties being arranged
  • Profile - Within your profile you can tell members about events your holding so that should they search by location they can read your personals advert and contact you directly
  • Message Board / Chatroom - is a great way to catch members online and ask if they would be interested in attending a meet
  • Wales Swinger Blogs - why not set up your own blog as you give all free members the chance to start a blog up and here you can post anything along with photos that you like

Its really not a case of finding a swingers party but more so which one do you want to attend

Whats better still basic membership is FREE and with that you will have access to all the above plus many more features that will help YOU find details of Welsh Swingers parties

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