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Dogging in south Wales don't get better than this!! Read this Glamorgan dogging story and details of locations!

Its a fact the Welsh love dogging and this recent member posted a confession, or maybe confession isn't the right word as by the looks of things this south Wales dogging female loved it .......and is returning the Glamorgan dogging location for some more outdoor sex.

Posted below is her little story and under that some recent posted locations from the Forum which is the only place to find current South Wales dogging locations

I live in Caerphilly and a girlfriend of mine told me about a dogging location close by so I didn't need much encouragement to meet up with her and check out some of the horny south wales dogging males and hopefully enjoy some outdoor sex.

When I met my girlfriend I told her dogging was new to me and it was going to be my first experience of dogging sex and as she knew of a couple of guys contacted them and found out they were already there and waiting!

We drove out and thankfully living in south Wales we are never short of woods & large public parks where you can meet up so we headed out and meet these couple of randy welsh guys.

Once parked up it wasn't long before they turned up and getting out of the car it wasn't long before their hands were all over me and playing & sucking my nipples and starting to rub & finger my pussy, I wasn't sure how far I was going to go but it looked like that decision was taken away from me

I was bent over car bonnet and one of the guys stood in front of me and shoved his hard cock into my mouth at first making me gag but I carried on sucking him. The other was rubbing my clit that had the effect of getting me extremely wet which fortunately wasn't a problem as I knew looking at his cock I would need to be VERY wet before I could handle that fucker!

Pushing his cock into my pussy at first I gasped as he stretched me open but it wasn't till my pussy was used to him plus now soaking wet and they both were no into there pace and could feel my juices really flowing and running down my legs

I knew the guy was going to cum in my mouth as he started to twitch and it wasn't long before he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth and swallowing back got rewarded when the guy started cuming and could feel him pumping into the condom, this brought me to orgasm cumming all down his cock and soaking his trousers with my cum juices

Recent forum postings South Wales Dogging locations

These are just a few of the postings from members forum which is the only way to find current and up to date South Wales dogging information

  • Wentwood forest - be warned the police are monitoring, also the forestry wardens but unfortunately this isn't due to dogging couples but drug dealers!
  • Pantside mountain Newbridge - on the A472 towards Crumlin after passing Haffoddrynys pub just opposite is a turning on your left that goes up to the mountain, when it flattens out take the left when you see the forestry there are some car parks. We've started using it along with some other couples and so far no police.
  • Mountain Air Pub upper cwmbran / pontypool - drive past the pub and look out for picnic area / viewing car park seems like action going on most nights
  • Pyle - Don't use this anymore I went for the first time in a while and the trees have been cut down and undergrowth cleared this used to be a great cottaging & dogging location now its dead
  • Swansea ( jersey marine village dogging ) - Head west on the m4 jt 43, turn left heading towards Jersey marine, just before the marine village its on the left by a picnic area. Excellent dogging

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